This is a strange place, seemingly devoid of physicality. Despite this, there seems to be a sign in front of you.


The sign reads as follows:

Welcome to my home page, a weird and eclectic mix of fiction and occasional fact. I'm David Thackaberry, known on UCC's system as Falstaff and further afield as Zandar. Here you'll find rants, stories and a smattering of Quasispace-related stuff.

Rhetorical Answers (rants)

Heavenly Deceptions (fiction)

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You search, but find nothing._

Latest news:

Reshuffle time. LJ is free now, so there's not much point in keeping this site except as a repository. I'll just be using this space for site news, so the next time I update this will probably be in the unlikely occurrence that I work on Crossed Swords. (The LJ link is, of course, as above. Username tryce; everything else was taken.)